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Eighteen years back a qualified engineer with manufacturing experience started a small setup to manufacture Axial Flow Fans and Centrifugal Blowers, but that was not the end. Many more products are adopted & manufactured for solving air related problems & even achieved it. The performance and results were tested at all the stages and projects to achieve the best designs.

It is very convincing to know that all the air related problems are solved by us now.  The continuous development and improved designs resulted into a tremendous growth of the small   set  up  to  a  big  factory  producing  the  following equipment doing the following projects.


A. IN THE FIELD OF AIRCONDITIONING: Air handling units are produced to maintain the temperature and humidity. Specially designed units for large Industrial applications. The designing of ducting and operating at regular balanced flow. These units have been used by Hospitals, Industries in Pharmaceutical, Malls, Airports, and Multiplexes.

B. IN THE FIELD OF AIR VENTILLATION: We produce Double Inlet and Single Inlet Centrifugal Blower, Axial Flow Fans, Man Coolers, Air Washers based on evaporation cooling principal and Roof extractors. As application demands, these equipments are designed on basic of suitable requirement. The large draft of air is pressurized and exhaust over large area. We design the system to exhaust stale air and fumes. Used in Factories, Generator Rooms, Kitchens, Basements, Tunnels, and Car Parking Areas, Green Houses, Food Industries, Animal Houses, Pantry Farms, Casting Sheds.

C. IN THE FIELD OF EXHAUST SYSTEM: Kitchens, Toilets, Industrial process generating fumes and odors, Paint shops, Weld shops, Stores, Chemical factories need exhaust systems, we produce Air circulators, Axial Flow Fans, Induced Draft Fans and design the proper circulation of stale viz. fresh air. The healthy environment is necessarily to have proper exhaust system. Sometimes the fumes are sucked from the source of generation.

D. IN THE FIELD OF PRESSURIZATION: To keep the environment fresh and healthy a positive pressure in closed rooms is maintained. This also prevents the dust to enter inside from the small openings and the air supplied is filtered and washed. We produce Air Washers, AHU’s, Force Draft Fans, to meet the requirement as desired. The openings are sealed with Air curtains of very low noise manufactured by us.

E. IN THE FIELD OF AIRCOOLING: As every industry is inclined to improve the working condition inside the Shop Floor and Generator Rooms it has become essential to supply filtered and cold air inside the work place by virtue of Air washers and Axial Flow Fans manufactured by us. Various capacities of air washers are designed and supplied for different application.

F. IN THE FIELD OF PNEUMATIC CONVEYING: Transportation cost and labour hassles in industry to feed bunkers and convey the material to desired destination or ports is an issue which is resolved by pneumatic conveying. Dense phase and Semi Dense phase systems are manufactured by us. These systems are used in Cement Plants, Chemical Plants, Granules conveying etc.

G. IN THE FIELD OF DUST COLLECTION: Dust generated in process of manufacturing is spread all over and is hazardons. We design the system to collect the dust through pipes and conveyors by the help of Induced Draft Fans, Reverse jet dust collectors, Reverse pulse dust collectors, shaking bag dust collectors, Manual dust collectors, Cyclones
manufactured by us.

H. IN THE FIELD OF POLLUTION CONTROL: Pollution generated by process or manufacturing of chemicals, Burning of Steel etc. need to be treated or washed before releasing in the atmosphere. We manufacture Venture Chimneys, Cyclones, Multicyclones, Wet scrubbers to treat the air. Induced draft and force draft Fans are installed to suck the air. Radial Fans are used for self-cleaning of blades application. Hard facing of blades are done to have longer life of Impellors.



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